Monday, August 27, 2012

plane crash

Wow!   Look at this!   A plane crash into the side of the building.
Seeing the plane tipped at this angle reminds me of the planes going into the Trade Towers on 9/11.   Fortunately this is not a real plane crash.   The building use to be a nightclub and the plane may have been used as an attention getter since you can see it from the street.   It sure grabbed my attention as I drove by it one day.   This site is located in the southern part of Orlando on a street with a very colorful name, Orange Blossom Trail.   The nightclub has been closed for quite a while and as I understand there is all kinds of security and motion sensors within the building.   Don't try to enter the building.   But this is quite a site to see as people drive by and catch site of it out of the corner of their eye.   Any unusual sites where you live?   Tell me about it in the comments section.   Lew 

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