Friday, September 21, 2012


When someone says cupcake what do you think of?   Yeah, those delicious cupcakes with the white squiggle over the chocolate frosting on top.   By the way, did you know that there are exactly    7 1/2 swirls on top of each cupcake?   Oh, and also, did I mention the inside?   That yummy cream filling?  
Oh yeah, makes me hungry just thinking about it.   But what about loyalty?    I know, what does loyalty have to do with cupcakes?   Well if you live in Florida, land of the orange trees then loyal Floridians eat orange cupcakes.
I have tried them and I like them.   The citrus of the range offsets the sweetness of the cupcake somewhat.   A great treat for the summertime.   But what about the creme filling?   It is still there.
When you live in the land of oranges then it is loyal to eat oranges and orange products.   Grape jam on toast?   Nope!   Orange marmalade.
By the way since we grow lots and lots of strawberries in Florida, strawberry jam is an acceptable alternative to orange marmalade.
But the orange marmalade should be the first choice for topping for toast if you want to be a loyal Floridian (or a wannabee Floridian).
Well, it is time to go get some sun.
Be sure to try those orange cupcakes.   They really are pretty good.   Have a nice day wherever you may be and most of all, enjoy life.    Lew

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