Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is our cat Tammy when she was a kitten. She liked lying on my scanner in the computer room when I was on the computer. I put a couple of soft blankets on top of the scanner to make a nice soft bed for her. She would even lay her head down and go to sleep.

She is one of the sweetest cats that I have ever known. Now she is all grown up and she still likes to spend time with Mary and I when we are in the computer room.

Only now she is a lot bigger and has trouble with "overhang" when she lies on my printer. She is a darling of a cat and I often refer to her as "the princess" because of her pampered lifestyle. Really! Drink out of a water bowl? No way. She likes her water fresh from the tap and drinks from the tap almost exclusively. Yeah, nothing like water right from the tap, almost like drinking from a bubbling brook.
What a sweet cat has grown from this little acorn of a kitten. Here is Mary holding Tammy when she was a little kitten. She started out feral, but not anymore.

She genuinely thinks that Mary is her mother and never scratches Mary, no matter what.

Who could ask for a sweeter cat.
Marigolds are my absolute favorite flower and Tammy likes them also. My kind of cat. But no negative comments to this post. You are being watched by Tammy.

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