Friday, July 1, 2011


I did construction inspection for a while. At the end of this road there was a new home being built and I had to inspect some of the construction being done. I was so impressed by the beauty of this road that I just had to stop and get a picture. Can you just imagine having a job that would take you to such beautiful scenic places as this? It happens all the time here in central Florida. Time and again I saw vistas such as this one. The beauty of nature is just awesome. Sometimes I just think that I am in paradise.

I have a question. I have these small mounds in the backyard that look like small ant hills but they are not ant mounds.

I have caught glimpses of a black insect at the bottom of the funnel shaped depression kicking sand up into the air and out of the hole. Here in Florida, the backyard is made up of sand much like a sandy beach. How about that, anytime that I want to go to the sandy beach all I have to do is walk into the sandy backyard. I have examined some of the sand and the individual grains of sand appear clear like quartz or small diamonds. But getting back to these insects, whatever they are, the backyard is beginning to look like the cratered surface of the moon.

Anyone have any idea of what kind of insect makes these small mounds by kicking out the sand? I will have to try and scoop out one the insects to see what they look like. Take care and have a fun day. Lew

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