Thursday, July 7, 2011

shuttle launch

Are we ready for the shuttle launch?   Yeah, I know, it was scrubbed for Friday but perhaps it will go on Saturday or Sunday.   And you know what a launch on Saturday or Sunday means?    Yeah, lots of local people who are off of work.    If it goes on the weekend it will probably set an all-time record for traffic jams.
This is my nephew who use to work putting tiles onto the space shuttle.   What a neat job to be that close to the shuttle.
            So fill your ice chest with sodas and sandwiches and head on down to the Kennedy Space Center to watch the launch.   It's the last one.   You know there won't be any others.   Going, going, gone as the auctioneer says.   And if you can't make it to the Kennedy Space Center, set up some T.V. trays in the living room and eat your sandwiches and and drink your soda while watching the launch.   And don't forget the chips and dip.   French onion dip still remains my favorite.    Have a great day and a fun time watching the shuttle launch wherever you may be when it occurs.   Where will I be?   Sitting in the living room watching the television while eating sandwiches and drinking a glass of soda off from the T.V. trays.   Oh yeah , and chips with French onion dip.    Enjoy life to its fullest.   Lew

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seaside said...

The shuttle is gone, but there are still rocket launches with probes. I saw the one called "Juno" heading to Jupiter.