Saturday, July 9, 2011


This is our new chihuahua.   We got her from A New Beginning Pet Care & Rescue.   They do adoptions on the weekends at a pet store called PetSmart.   It is really nice that they do this.   She is a dog that they got from a county shelter and then get them adopted by people (like Mary and I).   She is 8 years old which we like.   She is a lap dog and wants to sit on Mary's lap all of the time.   She has really taken to Mary and follows her around the house.   This dog is to try and take the place of the empty spot left by our previous chihuahua Duke.   Judy is very friendly and lovable.   I think that she will be just fine and have a nice home in our home.   Yeah, she also likes laying on the couch.    Have a nice day and I hope that everyone should have a loving pet to keep them company.    Lew

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seaside said...

The picture is nice of both Mary and Judy.