Monday, July 4, 2011

In Memoriam - Adios Amigos

Yes, it is going to be "adios amigos" to my good buddy Duke the chihuahua.   He has multiple problems layered one on top of the other.   He has a bad heart valve which is causing congestive heart failure resulting in fluid backing up in his lungs making it difficult for him to breathe   And  lots of fluid in the abdomen causing his abdomen to distend.   Put on top of that a large perineal hernia which may cause the intestine to become blocked.   He is totally deaf and his vision is failing.    Plus all of his leg joints are extremely loose and the vet said that his hips will dislocate in time.   You know, getting old is a bummer.
Being a short hair dog and a house dog, he always seemed to be cold in the winter months.   Mary would get nice warm sweaters for him to wear which seemed to help a lot with the cold air.
He was such a faithful and loyal companion to me.   He followed me everywhere.   He was so devoted.   Mary and I are going to miss him terribly.   Tomorrow we will take him to the vet to be put to sleep to end his suffering.   The pictures in this email are old pictures of when he was younger and healthy.    I wouldn't want anyone to see him in his current condition.    As sick as he is, it will still be very hard for us to take him to the vet because we have become so attached to him.   We will miss him.    Goodbye, good friend.     Lew

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