Sunday, June 27, 2010

lunar eclipse

This is my attempt at a picture of the moon during the lunar eclipse at 5:45 am this morning. My moon pictures can’t rival those of Seaside with the razzle dazzle fancy camera but I think that I can guess that the eclipse probably hasn’t begun yet. The earth’s shadow on the moon would slowly creep up from the bottom. I do see a slight darkening on the bottom but then I see it on the top of the moon also. I decided to wait a little bit and then take another look. I was worried that the high trees in the neighbors backyard might block the view.

My fears were right. The moon is not yet below the horizon but it is below the level of the trees and so my moon observations have come to an end. Maybe Seaside had better luck. I would have slept through the whole thing if Tammy the cat had not been meowing at the bedroom door to wake me up to let her go outside. She kept me company outside for a while but eventually got bored with the whole thing and decided to stroll away and find some adventures elsewhere.

Have a nice day. As for Mary and I, right after breakfast we are heading to a flea market in Mt. Dora. If you have ever read the book Alas Babylon by Pat Frank then you may already know that the author based the sci-fi novel in Mt. Dora. The author actually lived in a small community called Tangerine which is just a short distance south of Mt. Dora. Don’t the towns in Florida have colorful names? I wonder what crop they grew in the community called Tangerine? Hmmm! A citrus fruit? Even the name Mt. Dora brings back memories of the Andy Griffith show and Mayberry. Didn’t they refer to a nearby Mt. Dora in the television show? Try to stay cool on a hot summer day. I am sure that it is hot everywhere except for Logan, Utah where they still have some snow on the mountains. It’s true. I checked it out on the internet with webcams in Logan and I could see the snow. I am envious of the coolness but then come winter when I am grilling hamburgers on the barbeque grill outside in December, those people in Logan are waist deep in snow. And that goes for those yankees living in Long Island as well (except they are only knee deep in snow). Have a good day and enjoy life to its fullest. Lew

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