Monday, June 14, 2010

thermostat on the rise

This is our thermostat for our central air conditioning unit. You can see on the right that the temperature is set for 74 degrees. And on the left it shows that the temperature within the house is 74 degrees. That is as it should be. The temperature today is suppose to get up to 96 degrees. Now that is hot and it is only mid-June so far. If it is this hot now, what will it be like in August? I am definitely not looking forward to August. However, I am looking forward to September 1st as I do every year. It is still hot but it won’t get any hotter after that date and there will be a very gradual drop in the daily daytime highs after that. Sort of a downhill slide into the cooler weather. It is noontime and the temperature is starting to rise but Mary is outside lying on a chaise lounge reading a book. Me? I am inside where it is cool.

Well, not that cool. The temperature has risen above the set temperature by 3 degrees.

For about the past week, the air conditioner can’t seem to handle those high temperatures in the 90’s and the house temperature gradually climbs up above the temperature that we have on the thermostat. No matter what we have the thermostat set on, the temperature usually peaks at late afternoon. I think that I am becoming a believer in global warming as I do each summer. Today the inside house temperature peaked at 81 degrees even though the thermostat was set on 74 degrees. Think cool with a nice cool glass of iced tea filled with lots and lots of ice cubes. Be happy. Lew

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