Friday, June 18, 2010

Lake Eola

Yesterday, Mary and I went to Lake Eola. There is a beautiful park surrounding the lake. As we walked from the street where we had parked our car the first thing that we encountered was a lovely fountain.

This is Mary next to the fountain.

I mentioned to Mary that I always found a fountain and the sound of the water very peaceful and soothing. And just look at the glitter of the sunlight on the ripples of the water. The water in this fountain was incredibly clear.

When I see a scene like this, it makes me grateful that I am here in Florida where these sights can be enjoyed year 'round (no snow). The large fountain is the centerpiece of the park.

Mary and I had lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Very trendy and yuppie. Mary had 10 large butterfly shrimp and I had a gyro sandwich which was very good. We had a choice of either french fries or a Greek salad. We were bad and both of us opted for the french fries instead of a nice healthy salad. But we made up for it by having diet cokes. We had a good time watching the people and two large black swans walk by on the sidewalk. They have both white swans and black swans here. We returned home to an air conditioned house to spend the rest of the day in nice cool comfort. Have a great day wherever you may be. Lew

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