Monday, June 28, 2010

Mt. Dora flea market

Here we are at the flea market in Mt. Dora. It is a nice flea market because it is covered, offering protection from the tropical monsoon rains and cooling of the air to offer some relief from the oppressive heat. This picture is of the section that is air conditioned (refrigeration) and so it is nice and cool in here. Like any flea market there is anything and everything that you are looking for and lots of stuff that I am not looking for but I buy on impulse because it catches my eye. For example, the Star Trek memorabilia in the picture below.

Even if I don’t buy the items, it is fun to look at them. Did you ever have a metal lunch box for your school lunch like the one in the picture when you were young? I did. Mine was a Roy Rogers lunch box. Mine also had a decorated thermos inside. I was proud as I could be of my Roy Rogers lunch box.

And then there were the kittens. Four adorable and extremely friendly, tame, loving kittens. The woman had four of them, three males and one female. The female is the one on the right peeking around the water bottle.

I count only three kittens! So where is the fourth? The woman is holding it to show how loving and affectionate they are. The kittens had an incredibly nice temperament. She said that someone had left them at her front door in a cage knowing that she would find homes for them. And what a good samaritan she was because here she was at the flea market trying to give them away to a good home.

Not all of the flea market was refrigerated. Only the one hallway. Most of the hallways had fans with misters spraying a fine mist in front of the fan.

You can see the mist around the fluorescent light.

The mist helps pretty much with cooling the air somewhat, but is no match to refrigeration. But in this summer rainforest jungle type heat, every little bit of cooling helps. Plus they had lots of these fans.

What a hodge-podge of stuff. So much to look at. A pleasant way to spend the day strolling down the aisles of wares. But it was good to get home to an air conditioned house. Time to go. Have a good day and try to stay cool with a nice cold drink. Lew

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