Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a red toot

Sometimes when Mary is using the riding mower she needs me to move something for her like an outdoor table or chair or wheelbarrow. I am usually busy with something else in the yard. If she were to call out to me I would never hear her over the noise of the engine. Plus I am usually listening to music or audio books on my MP3 player with my headphones on.

So Mary bought one of these bicycle toot horns. It is a lot louder than I had expected and I can hear it easily over the noise of the engine. Now pardon the pun but when Mary needs me "she gives a hoot and gives a toot" (sorry I couldn't resist). She likes her riding mower and it is very lightweight. It was a good purchase for us because it will get a lot of use.

Today Mary and I went to the movies to see Iron Man 2. It was pretty good and non-stop action. It starred Robert Downey Jr. The actor Mickey Rourke was in the movie playing the part of a Russian scientist. His acting was so good that it took a while into the movie before I recognized him. But the actor that I liked best was Don Cheadle. I became a fan of his ever since I saw him in the movie Hotel Rawanda which is based on a true story. Of course we had our free popcorn and a diet cola which wasn't free. We went to the 1:00 showing and then came straight home after the movie, arriving at 3:30. A half hour of reading followed by an hour of Judge Judy. For supper Mary made Mongolian Beef which was very good. And for dessert we had orange jello with real whipped cream on top. So all-in-all we had a pretty good day. Hope that you're day was good also. Take care. Lew

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