Sunday, May 9, 2010

Texas Roadhouse

Mary and I went to the Texas Roadhouse for Mothers Day. Boy were they busy.

Not only was the parking lot filled but they were packed inside also. We had to wait for about a half hour to get called.

Mary waited patiently for our turn. Doesn't her hair look nice? I think so.

We were having a good time chatting while we waited. With a little more time I am sure that we would have come up with solutions to all of the world's problems. The chatting made the time go faster.

It was hot sitting outside on a bench in the sun so we decided to go inside where it was very crowded. We were lucky in that we were able to get a seat for Mary in about a minute. I stood for a while and chatted with a stranger about scuba diving and cave diving. It was interesting. Then I joined Mary in a chair next to her. I also got to look at all of the different cuts of beef that they had on display in a meat counter.

There was a larger selection than what you see in the pictures.

Mary had a tough decision on which steak to order but the waiter described the prime rib to her and she went for that. You can't go wrong with prime rib. Here she is looking at all of the items in the menu that she is holding in front of her.

We ate until we couldn't eat another bite. The rolls are baked fresh and I watched the baker prepping the dough for baking while we waited. The butter that they served with the hot rolls had a cinnamon seasoning in it. It was very good. They had a pail of roasted salted peanuts in the shell on the table and of course as is the custom in this restaurant we got to throw the peanut shells on the floor. It was difficult for us to throw the peanut shells on the floor because that is not how we were raised. They had a second pail on the table that was empty which we put our peanut shells into. We had a good time and left stuffed with some of the food in a styro-foam take-out container. I hope that everyone else had as good of a time as we did. Happy Mothers Day! Lew

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Anonymous said...

Lew, I had a very nice Mother's Day. All remembered me on Mother's Day. Now I need to diet for a while as I will probably gain a couple of pounds. Lunching at Captain Dee's and Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Thanks to Lew and my 3 grown children for a very nice Mother's Day.