Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mary and I went to IHOP for their new pancakes called “stackers”. They were great and we liked them. They are pancakes with cheesecake between the pancakes and a fruit topping in a sweet glaze on top. We had the blueberry topping.

Mary decided to duplicate the stackers at home and got a package of cheesecake filling for between the pancakes.

She also got a can of cherry pie filling for on top of the pancakes. The pancakes were good and the maple flavored sausages just topped the whole breakfast off.

Now we don’t have to go to IHOP for “stackers” but just have them at home. Of course at home it is Mary who is doing all of the work making them instead of the cook at IHOP, so I am not sure which she prefers. Probably going to IHOP and leave the cooking and the dishes to someone else. That is what I would choose if I had to do the cooking.

Tomorrow is Sunday so go out and have a fabulous breakfast with all of the trimmings at your favorite restaurant and have fun. Lew

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