Monday, May 31, 2010

now I know

I saw this grasshopper on the chain-link fence in the backyard. I have seen these on occasion before. But what I find odd is the color. I am use to seeing green grasshoppers and not black ones.

On a recent trip to the Sanford zoo I happened to visit their "bug house" which contains their exhibits of insects. As I went from exhibit to exhibit I came across some black grasshoppers which were exactly like the one on the chain link fence. There was a display card explaining what these black grasshoppers were.

So now I know that what I was seeing was an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. What a funny name. I took some pictures of the grasshoppers behind the viewing glass of the exhibit but they didn't turn out. I did a search on the internet and found a picture of an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper.

So now if you see one of these grasshoppers, you will know that it is the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. And that concludes the entomology lesson for today. Have a nice day and be safe on this Memorial Day. Lew

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