Saturday, December 10, 2011

good news, bad news

Let's get the bad news over with first.   A sink-hole opened up and the car fell into it.   

This happens in Florida from time-to-time.   You can be washing your car and you go inside the house to have lunch.   And when you come back outside your car is gone and there is a hole where it once was.   You look down into the hole and there is your car.    How to get it out?   I have no idea.   So what is the good news?   How can there be any good news about something terrible like this?   The good news is that this wasn't my house or my car.    I know, I know, someday a sink-hole may open up and swallow my car.   And then somewhere someone will be writing on their blog about my car being swallowed by a sinkhole and that they are so glad that it wasn't their car.   Could this be like the old expression "what goes around, comes around?    And in closing here is a riddle:  "how daddy is doing".    Have no idea?   If you watch the movie LA Story starring Steve Martin you will find the answer.   Good luck and have a great day shopping amongst all those crowds.    Lew

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