Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Face

Merry Christmas!   I hope that you are having a nice Holiday season.   This morning for breakfast Mary a special Christmas French toast.   She made the French toast and then sprinkled powder sugar on top which looked like snow.   And then she put a red maraschino cherry on top which looks like Rudolph's red nose.   But with the reflection of the fluorescent ceiling light on the plate it made the whole thing into a "happy face".   And the maraschino cherries become the eyes.   Pretty neat.
But the harsh bluish light of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen took the color away from the French toast.   Here is a picture with the camera flash which overrides the tint from the fluorescent lights.
This picture is what the French toast actually looked like.   Doesn't it look yummy?   I put a pat of butter under each piece of French toast and some pancake syrup poured gently over the top so as not to disturb the snow, I mean powdered sugar.   Those are two sausage links at the top of the plate.
How did we decorate the house?   Well, Mary gave the deer head a Christmas make-over.   How do you like it?  
To the left of the deer head is one of those talking fish that has a motion sensor and sings songs whenever you walk by it.    To the right is a squirrel.   Very woodsy.      We each got lots of presents and I hope that everyone who reads this got lots of nice presents also.   And please answer this one question in the comments section of this blog:   If you had to give up all of your presents except one, which one present would you choose to keep.   Have a great day this very special day.   
Would you like to see our chihuahua in her Santa Claus outfit?   Here she is.
Mary made the whole Santa Claus outfit herself which is really quite a job.    Anyway, this is the end of my blog so go have fun with your presents.    Lew

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