Friday, December 30, 2011

turkey legs at Disney

On a recent trip to Disney World I ate lunch and took a close look at the Disney napkin.   I noticed all of the food items on it which Disney sells.   I saw the turkey legs and I remembered how good they looked.
When I worked in Animal Kingdom at Disney in the It's Tough to be a Bug show
and I would be the "marquee greeter" (the person who stands at the entrance inviting people to see the show) I would see guests walking by with these huge turkey legs and eating them as they walked.   
Doesn't that look good?    It is so big that the turkey leg is a meal all by itself.    They are sold throughout the parks.   
I was recently visiting Hollywood Studios at Disney and decided to try one of the turkey legs that always looked so good.   This is the walk-up that I got mine at.   I know that it is hard to read the name so I got a close-up of it.
As you can see by the picture this restaurant is called Toluca turkey legs.   By the way, the Star Wars ride at Disney Hollywood Studios is fantastic and a must-see.   Have a great day and if you ever happen to visit Disney World be sure to try one of their turkey legs.     Lew   

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