Sunday, December 11, 2011

life springs eternal

This is a tree stump and the center of it is rotted out and so I planted some marigolds there.   Marigolds are my favorite flower.   Wait, that is Molly the cat in the picture.   You all know Molly.
I call this her silly picture because of the face that she is making.   Actually, she has just finished a sumptuous breakfast and is licking her chops to get every last bit of food.   Let me show you a better picture of the marigolds and how nice they look.
In the above picture you can see how the center of the stump is gone and I filled it with dirt.   But now the cold weather is coming and it reminds me of the folk song Where Have All The Flowers Gone sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary.   I know that Pete Seeger wrote the song and sung the original versions of it but I only remember Peter, Paul, and Mary singing it.   It is a pretty song.    And now I hum the tune "Where have all the flowers gone"
With the coming of winter comes the lack of rain along with the cooler weather.   The flowers have died off and dried up.  But wait, what is it that I see?   Could it be flowers?   No, it can't be.
Well yes it is.    One small blossom and one bud getting ready to blossom.    Amazing. 

We had a very small amount of rain (and I do mean small) and this must be the result of it.   Voyager once told me that to keep my marigolds growing that all that I had to do was to keep watering them.   It looks as though she was right with some good advice.   I will be sure to water them today and see if I get a response.   In Florida, water is something that we have an abundance of.    Isn't it amazing though how life just springs eternal.   Lew  

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