Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told her that I would like one of these antique dictionaries just as a remembrance of my youth.   I had one as a child and I was fascinated with the illustrations and then I would read the definition.   I spent quite a bit of time all total with that dictionary.  I guess you could say that I was “reading” the dictionary as I browsed through it.   When I tired of reading the definitions I would put the dictionary down and then a few days later browse through it again.   Plus the dictionary had beautiful full page color plates of flowers, butterflies, birds, flags of the nations, etc.    My daughter has found one on ebay (naturally, ebay has everything) and is shipping it to me as a Christmas present.   In  my retirement I have become very nostalgic about items from the past.   I remember the first time that I got suckered into these chinese handcuffs as they were called at the time.
I absolutely couldn't get out of them and someone eventually showed me how to release them after I had spent considerable time in a panicky struggle.  
How many people know what these are?
An easy question for older folk and a difficult question for younger folk.
And the popular lava lamp?   This is a picture of one that is sitting on my dresser right now.   I don’t know why but the lava lamp has always fascinated me.
I even had a Fort Apache play set which would occupy my time for hours on end.    I had so many toys as a child.   My parents absolutely spoiled me.   Maybe that is why I am so nostalgic about my youth (good fun times).   
Take care and "dream a little dream" of your youth.     Lew

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