Saturday, November 26, 2011

cannonball hole?

Do you see anything unusual in this picture?   No?    Look more closely.   See it now?   Okay here is a little hint.
How about now?   See it?   Well some of you do and some of you don't so here it is.
Isn't this just absolutely incredible?   A large hole through the middle of the tree.   How did it happen?   I don't know.
And look at it from the backside.   It is hollow inside.   How can the tree possibly survive?
But here is the real "kicker".    This is an orange tree and with all of this damage the tree is still producing oranges.   It is amazing how living things cling to life and in the face of terrible adversity still keeps on doing its purpose in life. 
I think that this tree deserves a medal for carrying on after it has been so seriously wounded.    It looks as if a cannon ball from civil war had plowed through it.  Perhaps, it was from one of Ponce de Leon cannons as he was searching for the fountain of youth.  I know, a fanciful imagination run amok.    But hey, anything is possible.   I will keep an eye on this tree to see how well it does.   How long has it been like this?   Once again I don't know.   Sometimes things will just amaze me and this is one of them.    Have a nice day and take time to smell the flowers and appreciate all that nature has to show us.    Lew

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