Friday, November 25, 2011

Mars Rover Launch

Are you ready for the rocket launch to Mars tomorrow?   The launch is scheduled for 10:02 am.   Get yourself a nice warm cup of coffee and watch the launch on television.   Preferably the NASA channel if you receive it.   The Mars rover called Curiosity is being launched on an Atlas V rocket.
This is quite a razzle-dazzle piece of space hardware.   It looks like it is going to be landing in a pretty sandy place on Mars.
I find it interesting that so many meteorite impact craters are still visible.   I would have thought that they would have been buried by the planet-wide dust storms that they have on Mars.   I would bet that the two guys from the show Meteorite Men would love to search this area with their metal detectors.  
By the way, the television show Meteorite Men is really fascinating.   Watch it if you get a chance.   On Saturday morning I will be in front of my television watching the launch.
The picture above is what I will see on television.   And then I will run out into the front yard here in Orlando and this is what I will actually see.   But I can also hear the roar of the engines right here in Orlando.   Absolutely amazing.
So set a timer to remind you of the launch so that you will be sure not to miss it.   It will be a piece of history in the making.   Oh, by the way, if you don't drink coffee then how about a drink and some chips when you watch the launch.   Enjoy the day tomorrow and have a turkey sandwich with turkey left over from Thanksgiving.   Take care and enjoy the launch.   Lew

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