Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reese's peanut butter cups

Ah, yes, I remember Reese's peanut butter cups from my youth.   Back then they only came one peanut butter cup to a package.    That combination of peanut butter and chocolate is delicious.
This confection was created by a nice gentleman whom I only knew as Mr. Reese.
I first met him in the early 50's.   He was retired at that time.    I met him when my parents traveled south from New York to West Palm Beach, Florida for vacation during the cold winter months.   We stayed at the Broadway Motor Court on Broadway in West Palm Beach.    It was really an apartment with a living room, a dining area, a full sized kitchen, a bedroom, and a full bath.   Some vacation for my mom, she still had to cook and make the bed (I slept on the couch).    Mr. Reese said that he would travel back and forth between Hershey, Pennsylvania and the Broadyway Motor Court in West Palm Beach, Florida.   I remember him as a very gentle and kind gentleman.   He said that his hobby was cooking soups and he would make soups for us.   There was a small grass lawn in front of the Broadway Motor Court and my dad and Mr. Reese would sit in lawn chairs chatting.   He told me once that he used a sausage stuffing machine to make his first peanut butter cups.   He even took us out on his boat once.   That was a lot of fun.   He had a man who drove the boat for him.   I wish that I had gotten to know him better but I was a young lad and all that I wanted to do was play in the sandlot next to the motor court.    So be assured that the next time that you eat a Reese's peanut butter cup that the person behind the Reese's name on the wrapper was a good-hearted person and kind and gentle.    Lew

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You’re talking about my grandfather, H.B. Reese, I want to know more. Please contact me directly at: Brad@BradReese.Com