Saturday, March 30, 2013

red velvet pancakes

Red velvet pancakes?   This is a new one for me.   I have had red velvet cake with that decadent cream cheese frosting.   Sometimes I am not sure which I like most, the red velvet cake or the incredibly rich cream cheese frosting.    The cake and the frosting make for an incredible combination.

And then there are the red velvet twinkies.   Have you seen these in the stores?

I couldn't believe that there was such a thing so I just had to try some.   They are really quite good.    But then who doesn't like twinkies.    To do a "fractured" quote of Will Rogers, I never met a twinkie I didn't like.

They make a fantastic snack.   And the red velvet flavor comes through nice and strong.   Two of my favorites rolled into one;  red velvet and twinkies.   Am I making you hungry yet?  And let's not forget about the red velvet cupcakes.   I have seen them but I have not tried them yet.   I will have to add them to my "bucket list".
My wife knows my passion for red velvet cake and she saw this box of the red velvet pancake mix and so she got it and tomorrow she is going to make red velvet pancakes for breakfast.   To ease my caloric conscience I will put sugar-free pancake syrup on them.   It is like the scales of justice; red velvet pancakes on the scale on one side and sugar-free syrup on the other scale.

Does that reasoning sound good to you?   Works for me, especially while I am eating the red velvet pancakes tomorrow morning.   Bon appétit.    Lew

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