Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tammy's boyfriend

Our cat Tammy seems to have a boyfriend.   A stray tomcat that hangs around the house for food.   His name is Oscar.

Not to worry though, Tammy has been spayed.   I opened the garage door this morning and saw them both by the base of the oak tree.   I thought that it would make a nice picture so I ran inside to get my camera.  
By the time that I got back outside (which was less than a minute, Oscar had turned around and now his backside was facing the camera.

Isn't that always the way with pets?   I can't get the camera in time to get that perfect picture.   Did you notice in the picture above that Tammy is laying in the shade of the tree?  She likes to be in the shade and avoid the sun.

And on a warm day in the shade of the camphor tree in the backyard she really relaxes.

Have a nice day and enjoy some time with your pets whatever they may be.   Unless it is a gator climbing a fence.

An amazing picture.   Take care.    Lew

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