Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This was our little chihuahua Duke.   He doesn't look very happy probably because of being dressed up with the sombrero.   He was  very tolerant of us putting him in costumes (especially at Halloween).   Here in Florida it rains a lot and so we would put his doggie raincoat on him when he had to go outside in the grass to take a restroom break.  
And when it was cold outside he even had his own warm red sweater to keep him warm.
He was an excellent lapdog and his favorite pastime was sitting on the couch next to us while we were watching television.   Such a lovable and loyal pet.   But his "end-of-life" time came and off he went to doggie heaven.   We buried him in our backyard and we got a memorial marker to mark his spot.   Mary even wrote his name on the marker in gold paint.

I checked the marker last week and saw all of these cracks in it.    The marker seemed to be made out of a plaster-type material.   The cracks are probably due to the plaster drying out.   We are going to replace the marker with a new one.   We will try to get one that won't have a "drying-out" problem.   I know that people can get so attached to their pets that the pets are like members of the family.   And when they are gone it is like losing a family member.  
        So we got another chihuahua.   A female named Judy.

She is also a lap dog and likes being on the couch next to us.   In this case she decided to lay on the nice soft cushion behind me.

She is an older dog which is what we wanted.   We got her from one of these pet rescue organizations.    They got her from a county animal shelter (dog pound).   I know that chihuahuas have a reputation for being nippy but she has a wonderfully passive disposition.   Incredibly sweet.   We got lucky.   She is a good replacement for our male chihuahua, Duke.   What type of pet do you have?   Dog?   Cat?   Rabbit?   We have all three.    Have a nice day and don't forget about the wild animals like the squirrels and the birds.    I am sure that they would like to have some supplemental food.    Be happy.    Lew

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