Wednesday, March 27, 2013

atomic coffee cup

I call this cup my "atomic cup" because it depicts some atomic bombs going off. The picture is by a cartoonist named Gary Larson who did the Far Side series of cartoons.   But in the radiation field of work it use to be joked that in the event of atomic attack the best thing to do was to go fishing (just like the scene on the coffee mug).  No joke.  Why go fishing?   In radiation protection the golden rules for protection from radiation are Time, Shielding, and Distance. 

1.   TIME  -  If any fallout sprinkles down out of the sky and lands on you, just jump into the water to wash it off (decontamination).   This keeps the TIME that the fallout is on you to a minimum.  

2.   SHIELDING  -  Radioactive fallout which sprinkles down from the sky and lands on the water will sink to the bottom of the lake and all of that water will supply SHIELDING from the radioactive material that sank to the bottom.

3.   DISTGANCE  -  If you row the boat to the middle of the lake you are a long DISTANCE from any of the radioactive fallout on shore.

Would going fishing really work?   I don't know but let's hope that we never have to find out.

By the way this is also a favorite cup that I have bearing a Gary Larson cartoon.

Now wouldn't this be a quite a trick to play.   I can just imagine the fear and shock the poor individual would have had when his friend popped the bag.

I saw Olympus Has Fallen starring Morgan Freedman.   It had a lot of action in it.    I mean lots and lots of action.   I thought that it was very good if you happen to like action movies.   Have a good day and peace to all.     Lew

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