Sunday, August 12, 2012

the good life

The good life.   Tammy is enjoying the good life.   It is morning and she is lying on the roof of the truck in the shade of the carport.   The roof of the truck for her is like Pride Rock in the Disney movie the Lion King.  
From a perch on Pride Rock or the roof of my truck the surrounding terrain is easily seen.   Tammy has everything that a cat could possible want, and then some.    She always seems to find life so fascinating.
As you can see, she is a long haired cat.   And she lives in Florida which is hot in the summer.   That is kind of tough when you have to wear a fur coat during the tropical August heat here in Orlando.   To stay cool when it gets hot she comes into the air conditioned house, lays down to get cool and then falls asleep.  
Didn't I tell you that she has the good life.   And what of her adoptive mother Mary?    Here is Mary at the Animal Kingdom Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant getting ready to enjoy some delicious barbecue ribs.   Living the good life just like Tammy.
It was a lot of fun and the barbecue ribs were great.   Are you living the good life?   No?    Well, you'll just have to come to Orlando and enjoy some barbecue ribs at Disney's Animal Kingdom.    Enjoy life to the max and take time to smell the flowers.    Lew

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