Saturday, June 30, 2012

mango pineapple smoothie

 Hot.   So hot here in central Florida.   The sun just beats down relentlessly.  I have become a believer in solar heating.   How hot is it?
This is the last day of June and in the months of July and August it is going to get much worse.   But that is the bad news.    What about the good news?    All of that heat is heating up the ocean water.   Just look at all of those nice warm water temperatures in the 80's.
The water is so nice that you can just walk right into the water.   No chill at all.
Doesn't the water look inviting?   Well, come on down to Florida and enjoy the swim.
And for the surfers, you just never know when the surf will be up.   After all, there isn't any surfing in Idaho, or Indiana, or Oklahoma, and the list goes on and on.    You have to be here with surfboard at hand waiting for the big waves and the words "Surfs Up".   Just picture yourself sitting on the beach sipping a mango pineapple fruit smoothie.   Yum.  
I'll see you at the beach.   How will you recognize me?    Why, I'll be the one with the mango pineapple smoothie.   Have a good day.     Lew

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