Friday, June 1, 2012


Memories.   Happy memories.   Unexpected pleasant memories.   Sometimes memories are suddenly brought to mind by a "triggering event" like an old song, a picture, and sometimes (rarely) by a food.   We were at a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse to have supper.
This is one of those western style restaurants where they have a bucket of roasted peanuts on the table and you throw the shells on the floor.
I love roasted peanuts in the shell and I start chowing down on the peanuts as soon as I get seated at the table.
But the coup de grace was yet to come.   The waitress who seated us had a basket with hot sourdough rolls and what I thought was butter.

But what I thought was butter wasn't just plain butter, it was honey butter.   I didn't discover this fact until I had buttered a roll and the flavor of the honey butter was so familiar to me.   I instantly had a memory from my childhood from when I was about 10 years old.   My parents would on occasion get some honey butter from the store for use at home.

I absolutely loved spreading the honey butter on plain bread and especially on toast.  At the restaurant I am not sure which I liked better, the entree or the rolls with lots of honey butter on them.  Sometimes simple pleasures are the best pleasures.   Take pleasure in the aroma of a flower as you pass by.     Lew

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