Sunday, June 10, 2012

Attack of the Mosquitoes

They're back.   Mosquitoes!   They return to central Florida every summer when the rainy season begins.  
Pesky little critters.   And persistent.   They don't give up until they bite me.   If I wave my hand to swish them away, they just return very quickly to try again.   It is a case of "it's either them or me".    I like using a mosquito racket for self defense.
I know that they look like a toy but they really do work quite well.    They "zap" them with electricity.   This is me from a number of years ago with my mosquito racket.
I tried to make the pesky insects an endangered species by reducing their numbers with the mosquito racket.
But they just kept coming and coming.   But the racket does work pretty good in clearing a work area of mosquitoes for a brief period of time.   Anyone know of other methods for eliminating mosquitoes?    Lew

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