Saturday, November 5, 2016

Publix supermarket

My wife and I went grocery shopping earlier in the week.   We went to a  grocery store called Publix.   Publix is a chain with grocery stores in the southeast United States.   We like the store because it seems to me to be an upscale store.   It is always clean and the employees are all super friendly.   They have a clearance rack towards the front of the store with items at a very big discount.   I always check it and I was surprised.   They had caviar on the discount rack.  
Let me repeat that, they had caviar on the clearance rack.    Only an upscale store would have caviar on a discount rack.   
This store has to be a real class act.   Did I get any of the caviar?    No, I am not real big on fish or fish products.   What is your favorite store?    Lew

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