Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on Florida.  

All of the computer models seem to be in good agreement.   Coming right up the east coast.    They want people living near the beaches to evacuate inland to avoid the storm surges, coastal flooding, high winds, and all the other bad things associated with hurricanes.   Where do the people go?    Come to Orlando.    Because of the tourist industry here in Orlando there is an incredible number of motel rooms and restaurants to supply evacuees with all their needs plus lots of entertainment at the theme parks like Disneyworld and Universal Studios.

Just look at all of the red areas where hurricane warnings have been posted.   Fortunately, I am not in the any of the red areas.   But this graphic has to be scary for those that are in the red zones.
But there is another storm system out in the Atlantic Ocean.   It is called Tropical Storm Nicole.   And at the moment it is heading almost due west.
 And what do the various computer models show as its future path.    What a mess.   Now I know why they refer to these tracks as "spaghetti tracks".   Would anyone like to make a guess as to which computer model is correct?
But let me tell you what is really scary, the graphic of the ocean heat.   The weatherman says that it is the warm temperatures of the ocean that gives hurricanes their energy.   This graphic makes the ocean look like it is on fire with all of the oranges and reds.  
However, that warm ocean water is great to swim in.   No need to slowly walk into the water to get use to the waters chill.   When the water is nice and warm like this you just walk right into the ocean.    It makes for a great day at the beach.   So if you are in an evacuation zone, come to Orlando and have fun at Disneyworld.   And if you aren't in an evacuation zone, come to Orlando anyway and have lots of fun at Disneyworld.    Lew

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