Friday, April 21, 2017


Poutine.   I saw this Kiosk-style walk-up restaurant at Disney Springs.   I read up on Poutine and discovered that it is a Canadian dish that originated in Quebec.   It consists of thick-cut french fries with curds and a beef gravy poured over everything.   I had never had anything like this and so I wanted to give it a try just to see what it was like.   Perhaps I am a little bit Andrew Zimmerman at heart.
They seemed to have a fairly well equipped kitchen.   It is not a good sign if all you see is a microwave.
It was in a really nice location with a pretty fountain right in front of it.   I always like fountains.   There is just something about the flow of falling water that I find very relaxing.   When you visit Disney you will see beautiful things everywhere.   I think that too many people concentrate on the thrill rides and don't fully appreciate the beauty:  from flowers to architecture to decor and on and on.
They seem to have a limited menu.   Basically four different types of entrees.
Since I was new to this and it was my first time eating Poutine I decided to try the Poutine Classic.
This is what I got which was a lot.   Definitely a full meal in itself.
Here is a picture with my hand in it for size comparison.   At first it didn't look like all that much.    But halfway through the meal I found out that it was much more than enough.
The seating was outside on wrought iron tables with a basket weave design and wrought iron chairs.   The french fries were thick cut, tasty, and hot.   They must have been fresh cooked in the deep frier.   The beef Poutine gravy was rich and flavorful.   Very good.   Now we come to the cheddar curds.   They are the cube shaped things.   They were very rubbery.   Plus I couldn't taste any cheddar flavor at all.   They seemed to have no taste.   But that may have been due to the delicious beef gravy overpowering any cheddar flavor.    It was just the texture that I didn't like.    Rubbery, in my opinion.   I always thought that curds were like cottage cheese and that is what I was expecting.   But not being a connoisseur of Poutine they may have actually been just perfect.   I kept trying them and actually ate around five of the curds.    I gave up on the curds and left the rest.   I thought of the nursery rhyme about Little Miss Muffet sitting on her tuffet eating her curds and whey.   I believe that whey is the liquid left when the fat has been removed from the milk.    I checked the internet for an illustration of this nursery rhyme.   I found one and maybe those round things in the bowl are curds.   They look to be about the right size.    But I prefer my milk curds as cottage cheese.
After eating I left Poutine's and took a walk around Disney Springs.   I was crossing this foot bridge when I spotted an amphicar.
Does anyone remember these cars from the middle 60's?   I do.   I wish that I had gotten one.   A car with a propeller on the back and so you just drive from  the road right into a lake.    I wonder if a person could fish from the car?   Seems like a pretty neat car.
While I was standing on the bridge taking the pictures of the amphicar I struck up a conversation with a man and his son (total strangers).   He thought that a car had been turned into a boat.   I told him that it was an amphicar with a brief description and that they had been produced around 1965.   He said that was why he didn't know about them because he was born in 1969.   Made me feel older than I normally feel.   I told him that I had just eatin' a Poutine and he just came alive.    He said that he was from Canada and that he really liked poutine's and told me that they had originated in the city of Quebec.    You can meet a lot of nice people at Disney.   I continued on my way and returned to the Lime Garage.   At Disney Springs they have two huge parking garages:  one is the Lime Garage and the other is the Orange Garage.   Naturally being in Florida they would have Citrus names.   I had done many other things at Disney Springs, far too numerous to put into this particular blog.   Going to Disney Springs is always an adventure.    There is just so much there.   Have a great day and if you ever get to Disney World be sure to visit Disney Springs and take a ride in an amphicar.    Lew

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Lillian said...

Oh no! Now I want to do a $125 Amphicar Tour. That sounds very cool. The cheese curds I've had before were soft like mozzarella cheese. At Red Robin they seem to only give 8 cheese curds with a serving of poutine so I have to divide them carefully between Aaron and me because they're the best part.