Sunday, April 23, 2017

Duisney Springs Music Stage

Disney Springs and the Pink Flamingo
I went to Disney Springs earlier this week.   While there I went to the musical stage to watch some bands play.   I listened to two bands play.   They were both High School bands and they were very good.   The first band was from Wisconsin.
I couldn't help but wonder if that in addition to being a concert band if they might also be a marching band because the music was so loud, which is great.    It sounded like whoever the fellow was beating the kettle drum and bass drum was beating the heck out of them.   Whoever he was he got a really good workout. 
But some of the loudness may have also been due to the microphones scattered throughout the band and the large speakers facing the audience.   And notice the blue lights on the ceiling.   I have no idea what they were for.  
And periodically they would change color.   Now they are red.   For what purpose?   It was such a bright sunny day.
And then a medley of colors.   Anyone with any theatrical experience know why they would do this?   Just curious.
I took a look around at the people listening to the concert.   There weren't more people because the sun was terrible on an already hot day.
And then I saw it.   I couldn't believe it.   Can you see it?   I know, how could anyone miss it.
Let's get a closer look at this.    Don't ask me because I don't know why he is wearing a flamingo hat.   I have never seen these flamingo hats at Disney but I suspect that they must be for sale somewhere.    But the important thing is that he is having fun.   And if he is happy wearing the flamingo hat then "what the heck" why not.  
A girl started to conduct  the band.   Maybe she was a student conductor.   I don't really know.    But right in the middle of her conducting, the volcano of the Rainforest Cafe started to erupt with flames, smoke, and noise.
I left the music area for a while and when I returned there was another high school band playing also.   This band was from Massachusetts.  
They finished their concert with a medley of John Philip Sousa patriotic marches.    Arthur Fiedler would have been proud of their performance.   It was like listening to the Boston Pops on the Fourth of July.    Now, I have never been to a performance of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops but I have listened to them many times on CD.    And this high school band sounded just like the Boston Pops.   The people gave a standing ovation with a long period of applause.    Yeah, I was standing and applauding also.    In fact everyone stood and applauded.   I looked around and didn't see anyone sitting.   It was a really grand finale.    I spoke to the conductor that ending the concert with some Sousa marches really got the people enthused.   He smiled and agreed with me.   So the music was over and it was time to go home.
I have heard it said that Disney is the "happiest place on earth".   I agree, it is.   Lew

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