Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you Roomba?

We recently got one of those robotic vacuums that clean the house automatically.  It is called a Roomba (sounds like a Latin dance) which is made by a company called iRobot (sounds like a movie).   But what an incredible age that we live in.   My mom had to use one of these vacuums, an Electrolux which was really a very good vacuum cleaner.   It had skid railings instead of wheels.   Why didn't they have wheels?
But this Roomba vacuum is totally automatic and goes from room to room cleaning as it goes.   It runs on a rechargeable battery pack and returns automatically to its charging dock when it needs a charging.   There are many other things which I won't go into here.   I was worried about how good of a job that it would do.   Surprisingly, it did a pretty good job of getting the floor clean.   Here it is running around the living room doing it's thing.
I am just fascinated by this device and I just wanted to share my wonderment with all of you.   Have a terrific day.      Lew

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