Friday, March 9, 2012

Panzer Tank

I went to Disney World this week.   They have various theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios.   I chose to go to the Disney Hollywood Studios.   One of their big attractions within the Hollywood Studios park is the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade show.   They have numerous artifacts from the World War II era scattered around.   And one of the artifacts is a tank.
But this tank looks to be of World War I vintage.   I say this because of the shape of the body, the tread, and the side gun ports.   The treads appear to be made of rubber and look to be brand new. 
And what is that on the left hand side of the picture next to the tread.  Is it a tensioner for the track?
But for some reason I didn’t think that the World War I tanks had a revolving turret.   What do you think?  
Plus the armor on the front of the tank is not sloping.   Didn’t the early panzers not have sloping armor?   But my main reason for this blog is the symbols on the tank.
What kind of symbol is this: an eight pointed star with arabic writing on it plus the white crescent?   Were these symbols used by the Afrika Korps?  
I thought that the symbol for the Afrika Korps was the date palm.
There were so many war artifacts.   Much too numerous to include in this blog.  
Are there any panzer people reading this who may be bale to figure out what the tank is?   Have a great day.    Lew

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yereverluvinunclebert said...

It isn't a real tank so no factual thought or discussion applies. It was made for the film to their own design.