Thursday, March 8, 2012

Otter Paws

Mary and I went shopping at our local Publix grocery store today.    Publix is a grocery store chain which I believe is limited to just Florida.   Very pleasant store to shop in.   As we passed by the ice cream section we saw an ice cream flavor called Otter Paws.
The name took me by surprise.   Definitely not the usual type of name for an ice cream flavor.   I mean what do otter paws taste like.   I looked at the list of ingredients.
The ingredients look pretty good and I am confident that it will taste really good.   I guess that the name is sort of like the names of some of the Ben & Jerry ice cream flavors.   Have I tried it yet?   Not yet.   Has anyone else seen any crazy flavors names?   Can you beat "otter paws"?  
Bon appétit.    Lew

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