Monday, January 9, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

Here is a picture of Tammy, the princess, trying to catch a squirrel.   I refer to her sometimes as the princess because of the regal lifestyle that she leads around her.   So as the title says Dumb and Dumber and it reminds me of the zany movie starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.   So here is the dumb part.   She can’t catch a squirrel because she weighs too much.   Too much of that gourmet canned cat food that she likes so much.   She likes the dry food also.   Actually, she just likes food.   Any kind of food.  I guess that she is just a “gourmand” cat and not a "gourmet" cat even though she prefers the higher priced cat foods.   What’s that you say, you can’t see the cat?   Well here she is.
And now comes the “kicker” which is the second half of Dumb and Dumber.    The Dumber, which is that she is hiding behind a very small alamanda flower plant thinking that the squirrel can’t see her.   You can see that she is looking directly at me while I take the pictures.   And yes, that is an annoyed expression on her face because she thinks that I am scaring away all of the squirrels with my picture taking.   Of course, it couldn’t be that the squirrels all ran away because they could see her as plain as day hiding behind that sapling alamanda bush.   She becomes thoroughly disgusted and decides to walk away, not to return until I am gone.
Maybe our lioness will return to hunt another day.   Maybe the neighbors across the street will take down their Christmas icicle lights from the eaves of their house.   Have a nice day wherever you may be and watch your pets at play.   They will give you plenty of entertainment.   Lew

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