Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here are my lovely marigolds which were in full bloom all summer.   This old stump with the hollow center made a perfect planter for the marigolds.   I filled the central hole with potting soil and put the marigolds in.    They did very well.   Plus I also gave them fertilizer to ensure their growth would be robust.
But with the coming of the cold weather and dryness of winter they died out.
Then along comes Charlotte the cat and decides that this hollowed out stump would be a perfect place to lay down for a while.   All of you remember that sweet looking cat Charlotte.
She sees me taking her picture but she is lying in the warm sun and she is just so tired.
She takes time to clean her paws since I have awaken her anyway with my picture taking.
But this is one tired kitty who just can't keep her eyes open.
So she lays her head back down for a nap and in a flash she is off to slumberland.
Don't cats just have a great time?   I hope that everyone is having as great a time as Charlotte.   Florida is a great place for a cat.   The middle of winter and she lays on a tree stump in the warm sun for sleeping.   Isn't there a poem about the Lilies of the Field that relate to this story?   Have a great and snoozeful day.   Lew

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