Monday, June 27, 2011

cherry turnovers

For breakfast this morning we had grits and cherry turnovers. Yes, grits. In the south you eat grits, not hashbrowns. Hashbrowns are for northerners. The turnovers were really good. Mary had to make them. They weren't the pre-made kind whereby you just open the box and pop them into the oven. They involved some work on Mary's part and they turned out nice and flaky and hot. Very hot.

Have you been following the Casey Anthony trial on television? Have you ever seen the attorney Jose Baez in person? I have, once. Where? At the courthouse? No, actually it was at a sandwich restaurant called Beefy King.

Mary and I like the pastrami sandwiches the best and that is what we always get. So there was Mary and I sitting at a table chowing down on our pastrami sandwiches when who walks in and orders a sandwich? Jose Baez. We were so amazed that we just stared at him as did some other people. He looks just like he looks on television. By the way, he has good taste in sandwich shops. So that's it. I got to see Jose Baez order a sandwich and eat it at a table. What kind of sandwich did he order? I have no idea. I couldn't tell. Have a great day and have a nice juicy pastrami sandwich today. Juicy, not dry.
Take care. Lew

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