Monday, May 30, 2011

how to beat the heat

It's summer and it is hot and the kittens are trying to cool off on the cool cement. The black kitten is really relaxed and stretched out to full body length. What a life they have, they don't have to worry about paying the bills or mowing the grass. All they have to do all day is eat, sleep when it is hot, and play when it is cool. Reminds me of my own childhood in a way. I didn't work as a child, dad worked. I didn't lay down in the snow to put the chains on the car tires, my dad did that. All I did was to have fun and play. Well, actually, I did have to mow the grass. Not that bad you say? It was the old-fashioned manual push-mower kind.

The yard was cut by inches at a time. But other than that, life as a child was all fun and games, just like the kittens.

Try to stay cool wherever you may be and have a nice cool drink. Lew

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