Saturday, May 7, 2011

Atlas V

I am anxiously awaiting the launch of an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral this afternoon. As the space shuttle program winds down I seem to be taking more of an interest into the space activities. I watch the prelaunch preparations on television and then run outside with my camera to see the rocket go up, get some pictures, and then wait for the roar of the rocket engines to reach me. I don't go over to the coast for the launches anymore because of the horrendous crowds and the horrendous cost of gasoline. Living in Florida has its advantages besides being able to pick oranges right off from the tree.

Yes, I know, where you live you get to pick apples or peaches right off from the trees or fresh corn right from the field. Every place has its little advantage. Have a nice day and be sure to watch the Atlas V rocket launch on television wherever you may live. Lew

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