Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

It is Christmas morning and we have had breakfast and opened our Christmas presents.   Here is one of the gifts that I wanted, a 32 GB memory stick (you can never have too much memory).   I was surprised to see so much memory in such a small device.   I find this degree of  miniaturization absolutely amazing.   I just can't imagine filling this memory stick with 32 GB of files, but pictures do seem to use up the memory of my 1 GB memory stick pretty fast.
We got lots of presents including our princess of a cat, Tammy.
Here she is looking bored, trying to decide whether or not to jump up on the couch and take a nap.   Yes, very pampered.   Some would say spoiled but I prefer the word pampered.   To entertain her we got a remote controlled mouse.   She should have a lot of fun with it.
I will let you know in a future blog how Tammy the cat reacts to her toy mouse running around all over the place.
Christmas just isn't Christmas without a Christmas tree.   Mary did a fine job on decorating the tree.   The tree is really pretty at night when the bulbs are giving off their rich colors.
And did I mention Mary's Christmas Cake.   It was a chocolate cake and she added maraschino cherries inside the cake (yummy) as well as walnuts.   Then for the coup-de-grace she put more walnuts on top of the red frosting as well as Christmas sprinkles.   And what a nice deep red the frosting is.
Merry Christmas to all with hopes that you got lots of presents.   And for those of you living up north in snow country instead of down here in warm Florida I must end this on a bit of not-so-funny humor.     Lew

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