Monday, November 19, 2012

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Look at what was parked in front of our local Wal-Mart.   The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
I remember seeing the Weinermobile in the Oscar Meyer commercials way back when I was around 10 years old.   Never got to see one in person though, until now.   This is a first for me.   This is Mary in front of the Weinermobile.   Just look at the size of those side windows.
A nice smile.    I think that she was having fun.
We went inside the Weinermobile to see what it looks like.   Entry was through this gull-wing door on the passenger side of the vehicle.
The interior was so colorful with the bright yellow and red seats.   Even the carpet was colorful.   I have no idea what that hot dog shaped thing on the dash was for.   Anyone know?
As I understand there are a number of weinermobiles touring the country.   The weinermobile is driven by college seniors who are about to graduate.   They are known as hotdoggers.   It must be a terrific experience for them.   Something that they will remember all their life.   They are on the road for one year and then a new crew of hotdoggers takes over.
When we went inside the weinermobile one of the hotdoggers gave both Mary and I our very own weinerwhistle which I have wanted since childhood.    Being a small town, the weinermobile just never made it to my very small hometown.   But now I have my very own weinerwhistle.   I have already tried mine and it works really good and is really loud.
Mary also got a coupon for $1.00 off Oscar Meyer Select product.   That is one heck of a deal.   Here she is holding the coupon in her left hand.

I didn't know that the Oscar Myer Weinermnobile was going to be at my local Wal-Mart today.   I just literally stumbled onto it by accident.   I am glad that I did.  But there is an internet site that you can go to that tells where the Weinermobiles are located, plus a lot more of other information about the Weinermobile.

Don't let the blue color fool you.   This is not a link to the site.   You will need to type it in.    They even have a map.
Their internet site is really neat and fun to explore.
Wikepedia also has a lot of information on the weninermobile.   Just do a search for "weinermobile".   Here is hoping that the weinermobile will be coming to your area soon and you can get your very own weinerwhistle.   To those of you who remember the weinermobile from your youth, it is really an exciting vehicle to see.    Have a great day.    Lew

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