Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Yes, that is Hurricane Sandy off of the coast of Florida churning away.   See that yellow X in the picture?   That is me in Orlando watching the hurricane pass by heading up the coast.
I am enjoying the "blustery winds" that we are getting from the hurricane and the occasional brief showers are good for the flowers.
They are flying the red hurricane warning flags at the lifeguard towers at the beach on the coast.
Just a brief question - Did you ever see the movie Lifeguard starring Sam Elliott?   What did you think of it?
I liked the philosophy of the film of doing the job that you enjoy doing, whether it be taking x-rays or catering large events.  
So few people in life truly enjoy what they do to earn a living.   I was lucky, I enjoyed being an x-ray technician.
But to get back to Hurricane Sandy.   I would like to get over to the beach to see the big waves and pounding surf.
I like the sound of the surf and the feel of the salt spray on my face.   So why don't I go?   Gas.   The price of gas.  
I drive a pick-up truck and they are typically terrible on gas mileage.   I use to consider how long a trip will take in terms of driving time, now it is how much is the trip going to cost me in gas.   What other purposes could I use that money for.
Yes, as the gas gauge heads to "full", my wallet heads for "empty".   An unfortunate sign of the times.
Sometimes Seaside will get some pictures of the surf and email them to me.
Since I won't be getting over to the coast, hopefully Seaside will get some pictures for me.   It is the next best thing to being there.
For those of you living in the northeast portion of the United States like Long Island or Delaware, look out because Sandy is coming.
Even the computers says that Sandy is coming.
Good news, bad news.   The bad news is that there is a hurricane close by.   The good news is that it won't be coming to Orlando.   For the people on Long Island and Delaware the bad news is that there is a hurricane heading their way.   The good news is........well, there is no good news.   Sorry.   Well, maybe there may be some good news after all.   They can have a hurricane party.   Take care and don't forget the chips and dip.    Lew

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