Monday, February 27, 2012

spring is here

I know that it may be a little early but spring has arrived.   The ?????? bushes in front of the house are blooming in great profusion.  
The flowers are absolutely magnificent with such an intense color.  
There was a light rain today and so there are small rain droplets on the flowers and the leaves.   Can you guess the name of the flower?   Make a guess in the comment section and I will also make a comment after to let you know what it is.   But only after you make a comment.   You have to make a guess first. 
            In the back yard there is what some consider a weed but the flowers are so pretty that I just can’t call it a weed.
It has such a deep rich sapphire blue.   The picture just doesn't do the richness of the color justice.
But this is Florida and what would spring be without some orange blossoms on the orange tree in the backyard.
There was a bright sun when I took this picture and the flower came out too bright.   Just can’t see the detail of the flower so I darkened it some to bring out the detail.
And the aroma of the flowers is so strong.   A real sweet smell which reminds me of jasmine.   I can pick up the sweet scent when I am about five feet from the tree as I approach it.   No wonder honey bees are attracted to it.   And speaking of honey bees, orange blossom honey is my favorite.   But the prices of honey, oh my.   When I lived in San Diego there was a woman who worked at the hospital and was also a bee keeper.   She kept bees for pleasure and not as a business.   She told us to bring in a large jar and she would take it home and fill it with honey.   She would charge a dollar for this which even at that time was a ridiculously low price for the large amount of honey that she gave.   I need to find someone like that here in Orlando.
With this spring-like weather comes warmer temperatures and high humidity which we are starting to get today.  Next week the weather is forecast to be around 87.   I think that we are going to have a very warm summer thanks to global warming.    Tomorrow I will tell you all about my adventures with my resurrection plant.   Until then enjoy the day and tonight is wrestling so don’t forget to watch all of those body slams.    Be good.    Lew

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