Wednesday, August 31, 2011

morning glory

Our fence is covered with grape vines but wee don't get any grapes.   Mary planted some morning glory seeds by the fence and a couple of them sprung up.   It is amazing that it is able to survive amongst all of those grape vines.

The flowers are such a pretty shade of blue.
It is such an intense shade of blue.   Now I know why they call it morning glory because what a glorious sight it is.   But look above the flower and you will see that the vine of the morning glory has wrapped itself around the grape vine.
       Here in Florida we are having rains every afternoon which makes everything grow fast.   Not only is this morning glory vine growing but also the grass which will get mowed tomorrow.
            Four more weeks and Mary and I will be heading back to Disney World.  We still have so much to see in Epcot.   I am not sure if we will ever get to see all that there is to see at Disney.   And Pirates of the Caribbean remains my favorite ride.
            I just wanted to share the beauty of these flowers with you.   Pardon the pun but "have a glorious day".      Lew

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a happy tail

They say that you can tell when a cat is happy because it will walk with its tail straight up.    Well, if that is the case then Polly, the feral cat must be ecstatic because her tail is straight up.   
She has a little hook to the tail at its tip.   Kind of like a possum?    This is a sweet cat and follows me everywhere when I am outside in the yard.   Some feral cats are friendly and some aren't.   I try giving them cat treats from the grocery store so that they will be friendly towards me.   And by the way, the four feral cats from the same litter are all sisters.    Yep, all females.
            We got lucky and didn't get much from hurricane Irene here in Orlando.   But the hurricane season isn't over yet.   What do I dislike most about hurricanes?   The electric goes out and so no air conditioning.   Not even a fan.    My "hurricane plans" are real simple:   go to an air conditioned motel until the electric and central air comes back on at home.   Carpe diem.    Lew